How to Remotely Install a Keylogger onto Your Girlfriend’s Computer

For those of you wondering what a keylogger is, the simple answer is that it’s a piece of software or hardware that captures every keystroke and saves them for retrieval by you, the attacker. These types of devices have long been used by hackers to capture logins, passwords, social security numbers, etc. Here we will use it to capture the keystrokes of a cheating girlfriend.


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How to Capture Keystrokes & Passwords Remotely

A keylogger is a software that tracks and logs the keys pressed on the keyboard in real time. This is usually done in a covert manner without alerting the victim user and executed with the intention of collecting account information, credit card numbers, passwords, and other private data.

Using a keylogger to intercept keys pressed on an infected computer can circumvent encryption used by email and secure chat clients. The collected data can often reveal usernames, passwords, and potentially compromising and private information which hackers abuse for financial gain.

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